Our Mission:

The Foundation acts as the charitable “giving arm” of the DAV Department of MN, providing financial resources for projects and programs directly supporting veterans and their families throughout Minnesota.

Our Story:

The DAV of MN Foundation was Founded in 1994 with the initial purpose as being the “Giving Arm of the DAV of MN Department”. After 23 years, the DAV of MN Foundation is stronger than ever with the ability to support veteran related programs, services, projects, and community grants aimed at filling the gaps and needs of Minnesota Veterans and their families. Since 2012, the Foundation has donated over $1,750,000 in funds to support DAV programs and services, community grants and projects. The Foundation continues to adapt to the ever changing needs of Minnesota Veterans and their families, to ensure that the needs of the veterans are being met.

Foundation Financials:

2020 Foundation 990

2019 Foundation 990

2018 Foundation 990

2017 Foundation 990

2016 Foundation 990

2015 Foundation 990

Donor Report 2020-2021

Foundation Board:

Lauri Brooke –Executive Director

Scott Berndt – Treasurer
Kerry Allison – Director
Ellsworth Fields – Director
Joel Schilling – Director
Paul Pederson – Director
Mike McLaughlin – Director
Dave Valtinson – Director
Mick Aguirre – Ex-Officio
Josh Vrtacnik – Ex-Officio
Stephen Whitehead – Advisor